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AmethystAmethyst has been and still is one of the most popular crystalline quartz-es. Amethyst can be found in all shades of purple,from light lavender(or rose) amethyst to the intense Siberian amethyst that displays highlights of magenta when faceted. The name Siberian is used for any rich purple material, wherever it comes from. A deep uniform purple colour is more expensive than the pale lavenders.The Greeks believed amethyst gems could prevent intoxication.


CitrineCITRINE(Yellow Quartz) Like smoky quartz, ditrine often gets called the misleading name of topaz or quartz topaz.Citrine ranges in colour from pastel lemon yellow to deep reddish brown and amber. Palmeira citrine has a bright orange-amber colour and Madeira citrine a beautiful deep brandy colour.

Clear Quartz

Clear QuartzCLEAR QUARTZ(colourless quartz or rock crystal)
High-quality rock crystal looks like a transparent mass of ice.An abundant gemstone, it was frequently faceted as beads and stones in antique jewellery. Although juwellery makers and buyers usually want gemstones that are free of inclusions and "clean", quartz often possesses inclusions that are decorative and can be used in the cutting and design of the stone.


EmeraldEmerald is a member of the Beryl family. Only green Beryl containing chromium is classed as emerald, because it is this impurity that gives the gem its beautiful colour.Emerald is rarely free of inclusions and these are sometimes referred to as the "Garden" of the stone. Colour is all- important in emerald, inclusions are secondary. 
The current sources of emerald are Colombia. Brazil, Russia, Australia, South Africa, India plus a few minor sources.

Rose Quartz

Rose QuartzRose Quartz can be a beautiful gemstone with colours ranging from pale pink to a deep peachy pink colour. Most rose quartz is quite included or cloudy and has a translucent appearance. Clear "gemmy" material is limited and can be more expensive.